Thursday, August 26, 2010


Works Miracle on whatever color hair. USA technology.
Instant black hair at anytime and anywhere, that pays attention even to the tips.
Formulated from the Noni Fruit.

For adults who want to cover up white hairs.
For fashionist to acheive jet black effect. 

What is wrong with our usual hair dye?


1 SACHET - $4.50  (BUY 5 + 1 FREE) 
inclusive of glove
1 BOX - $69.90 inclusive of glove

Ingredients and effectiveness:

1. Herbal medicine for hair nourishment Essence: Pure natual essence from Polygonum multiforum Thunb, ginseng, etc, having the effect as much as six times of normal blackening shampoo.

2. Super convenience, instant black after light usage: Just need 10-15 minutes to blacken your hair, whenever and wherever. It ensures your hair black from root to tail.

3. Such a perfect combination of the hair blackening, hair nourishment and hair conditioner, with all in one features. Say goodbye to dull white hair!

Result is long lasting, just need to maintain with the same application 2-3 weeks once. (Most recommended for 1 week once)

Whole treatment take abt 2-3 months for the black hairs growth from hair-root

Black Hair Shampoo

Brand BSY. Company based in USA, Made in Guangzhou.
Distributing in Hong Kong, USA, Korea, Malaysia

This shampoo can cure your white hair problem,dandruff and fallen hair.It just need 10-15 minutes to have black hair.This shampoo made from combination of herbal.For more info please visit the link below. Just Use 1 sachet u can have black hair. It's combination shampoo and conditioner
Including various Chinese medicine essence and herbal nourishing cream such a noni ,wild ginseng,wild ganoderma lucidum and so on.The Black hair magic took the hair nutrition and healthy experts two years to developed it. Combined with various fruit gathering essence, amino acid, ZPT, collagen, etc , it contains a kind brand new formula that rapidly turn your hair black.Meanwhile it can dispel the stubborn dandruff, supplement nutrient to the root of the hair and ineffectively prevent hair losing.Safe and healthy, without hair dye and won't turn red, thus become the best product for hair styling.

Use 1 sachet per week for ideal pitch black hair.
You can stop using product after 2-3 months and still see results.

1) Effectively prevent Hair Loss
2) Dispel stubborn dandruffs
3) Supplement nutrient to the roots of your hair
4) Natural Herb

 1) Wash your hair and tower dry
*For dye to work better try not to use conditional shampoo when washing hair*
2) Squeeze out and well mixed the contents in a small container3) Apply evenly on your hairs and gently rub & massage on hair-roots. (Advisable to wear with hand gloves)

4) Wait for 10mins then wash and rinse your hair with clear water (not hot / warm water)
*For undyed hair recommend to used 15 mins -20 mins*
5) Magic hairs turn into black and shinning


1 Sachet =  $4.50
1 BOX = $69.90

 **All above price(s) including free normal postage and a pair of disposable gloves with every single pack.

**Registered additional $3.80


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